Corporate Coaching

Magnifico Wellness operates from the belief that the workplace should be a supportive, harmonious, healthy environment—a place where people act not as individuals but come together to collaborate as a team.

So many professionals and teams struggle to work together cohesively. They know it’s possible, but invisible barriers seem to stand in the way of what they want…


Value & Respect

They don’t feel understood. Skillsets are undervalued or taken for granted. They desire to realize their potential.


Healthy Environment

They experience misunderstandings, communication breakdowns, and burnout. They desire harmony and security.



They feel left out or in the dark. Their roles are unclear. They want to work together toward common goals.

Healthy people make healthy companies.


What are the benefits of corporate coaching?

Studies have shown that self-awareness is the key predictor of success among business leaders and their teams. Understanding ourselves and how we’re uniquely wired opens up doors of possibility for connection, productivity, synergy, and growth – on a personal and corporate level.

Often, even successful companies suffer internally with unhealthy office dynamics – issues that lead to miscommunication, inefficiency, and ultimately burnout. Coaching provides tools and resources to build self-awareness, which creates a healthier, more emotionally intelligent organization..

The Magnifico Wellness Way

What we focus on

It starts with a a personalized approach. “Getting to know” each client prior to the first face-to-face meeting is crucial for building trust, establishing positive working relationships, and preparing custom programs suited to each individual. This also sets the foundation for the group work and the ability to give an in-depth look at the dynamics of each team or department. By doing this, less time is spent on learning curves and more on growth.

What to expect

The Magnifico Wellness Corporate Program consists of 3 phases including both individual and group work.



Personal Assessments Type Confirming Sessions



Group Instructional Workshop 
1:1 Sessions with Teams


Team Coaching

Group Discussion Workshop 
Optional Individual Coaching

I'm so grateful for Trish helping us better understand our coworkers and have a more compassionate and connected work environment

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